Jules Taylor Wines

Late Harvest 2014 Sauvignon Blanc

Sometimes we leave the fruit on the vines and let it ripen and over ripen and then we make teeny tiny quantities of tart honeyed gold. Sometimes.

The 2014 vintage was one of those times when Mother Nature created the perfect conditions for the noble rot to develop in the grapes. This led to some wonderfully dehydrated berries that provided us with intensely flavoured viscous juice.

Winemakers notes

Delicate aromas of ripe stone fruits, honeysuckle and spiced orange. The palate is decadently sweet with concentrated flavours of mandarin, ripe nectarine and honey with hints of cloves. A soft line of acidity from its Sauvignon Blanc heritage cuts through the sweetness to balance the rich flavours to perfection. Luscious!


We hand picked the grapes one cold morning in late April 2014. The raisined berries were crushed and pressed a first time. The juice from the initial pressing was chilled and returned to the press, allowing the skins to “soak up”, thus obtaining a little more of the precious nectar. The viscous juice was settled then fermented in a small tank, a slow affair due to the high concentration of sugars in the juice. We finally bottled in August of 2014.