This November, We are giving thanks for all our American friends being able to see each other in person again.
Here, Jules says a special thanks to some friends who have helped her along the way.

Kim and Erica Crawford (Loveblock Wines)

Kim and Erica started out as colleagues, then became mentors, and finally firm friends. It was Kim and Erica who inspired Jules to take the plunge and supported her in launching her own brand. Today the two couples are close personal friends, staying at each other’s houses when they travel between Marlborough and Auckland (the spare room at George and Jules’ house is jokingly referred to as “The Crawford Suite”) and celebrating significant birthdays together. Partners in crime, collaborators and mischief makers, Jules and Erica are not afraid to call each other out when they disagree, but these two amazing women in wine remain each other’s greatest cheerleaders.

Thanks for the encouragement to go out on our own! 

Simon Waghorn (Astrolabe Wines)

Simon was Jules’ boss at Marlborough Valley Cellars. Working together in a tiny little office, they would drink crappy (but strong) plunger coffee together and share the daily five-minute Dominion Newspaper quiz. Over the years, they have both developed their own wine brands and vineyards, invested crazy money in fancy La Scala Butterfly coffee machines to create the perfect “flat white”. They still occasionally collaborate on the odd quiz and today have neighbouring vineyards bordered by an old overgrown stream which they are working together to restore to its original native plantings and biodiversity.

Thanks for being a firm friend and mentor, and an ear to bounce ideas off!

Jeremy Hyland (The Wrekin Vineyard)

Jeremy has worked with Jules growing grapes on and off throughout their careers. This man of the land is currently the viticulturist at The Wrekin Vineyard growing organic and biodynamic Pinot Noir for Jules’ OTQ range. He regularly gets Jules along to “stir the shit” (literally and figuratively) and help with the Biodynamic preparations. A shared love of veggie gardening brought them together - during harvest, once they are satisfied everything’s under control with the grapes, Jules and Jeremy often wander off to inspect the veggies growing on site (weird and wonderful heirloom varieties galore), or discuss the latest instalment of their “veggie club” – yes that’s really a thing…

Thanks for sharing the love of the land and all those veggie gardening tips! 

Michiel and Hanna Eradus (Eradus Wines/Vinecraft Limited)

Neighbours, fellow vineyard and wine brand owners and the vineyard contractors who prune all the JTW vines, they often join Jules on her morning run (or later for a cheeky negroni and deep fried “bitterballen” on the back deck on a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon). In fact, Hanna and Jules once travelled to the US to run the New York Marathon together, only to find out on arrival that it had been cancelled due to “Superstorm Sandy”. Undeterred, the girls hit NYC’s tastiest night spots for a marathon of eating and drinking instead… These great friends are the perfect companions to share a wine and a meal and to put the world to rights afterwards.

Thanks for helping us find the perfect balance of work and play! 

Mum Sezza, Dad Gordy and sister Gussy

And of course, the ultimate thanks must go to Mum and Dad, Sezza and Gordy, who along with sister Gussy are Jules' biggest cheerleaders. Sezza and Gordy make regular appearances at Jules Taylor HQ with a box of fruit to share from their garden or a pair of secateurs in hand to prune the roses. Dad Gordy is never happier than when he’s driving the ride-on-mower around the property! These local characters were a major helping hand when Jules and George were juggling the demands of a fledgling business and two young schoolboys. Jules Taylor Wines (and of course Jules!) wouldn’t be here today without them. Thanks!

Thanks for everything!

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