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It can be a bit depressing to read about all the terrible things going on in the world. We can't fix what's going on out there, but here are some of the little steps we've taken to make our corner of the world a better place.

Winemaker walking through Vineyards with lots of wildflowers growing between rows of grapes


We participate in NZ Winegrowers’ innovative greenhouse gas emissions benchmarking project.

On our own vineyards in 2021-22, our carbon emissions per tonne of grapes grown were 40% lower than the New Zealand Wine Industry average.

In addition, all of the grapes, wines and production facilities for Jules Taylor Wines are 100% accredited by the world-leading New Zealand Sustainable Winegrowers scheme. Through this programme, we monitor and minimise all inputs in the grapegrowing and winemaking process, including water, energy and chemical use, as well as outputs such as waste. The goal is for year-on-year improvement and sharing successes with our peers.

In 2019 we joined the Organic Winegrowers New Zealand organisation and in 2022 we bottled our first certified organic wine: The 2021 vintage "On The Quiet" Pinot Noir from the biodynamically farmed Wrekin Vineyard. It will be released in 2023.


All our wines are made with a minimal intervention approach, handling the wines as little as possible and avoiding additives wherever possible.

All our white and rosé wines have been Vegan friendly from the 2018 vintage onwards.

In 2022, our winery facility reduced it's Carbon usage by ~80% by moving from dry ice use to reticulated CO2 gas.

A hand on a wine barrel
Winemaker walking through Vineyards with lots of wildflowers growing between rows of grapes


We are proud to bottle our wines at Wineworks NZ - who became NZ’s first certified Carbon Zero wine bottler in April 2021. In 2022 they reduced their carbon footprint by 36%, exceeding the target they had set.

We have been working with our label supplier MCC to reduce wasted paperstock and inks in our label production process, and with our bottle supplier Chandler Glass to reduce the carbon footprint of our bottles.

 You can now offset the carbon footprint of your wines for any purchases directly through our website. This is managed by who offer a range of projects here in NZ and overseas to offset the carbon emissions of our wine deliveries. Read more about the projects we support here.


IIn 2021 we installed solar panels to provide our own renewable power at Jules Taylor Wines HQ. In 2022 they supplied 30% of our office power requirements. 

We have begun to redevelop the wetland area around the Jules Taylor HQ property and begun removing the introduced and invasive species that choke this waterway. We have ordered native plants to replant this area in 2023.  Ultimately, we hope to increase the native biodiversity of the area and provide a habitat for local species of birds and insects, as well as a lovely environment to sit and enjoy a glass of vino!

Jules and George look after their staff and consider mental wellbeing important. They have implemented a four-day work week to allow their small team to spend more time with their families and to make the most of the relaxed, outdoorsy lifestyle that Marlborough has to offer. 

A hand on a wine barrel

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"The OTQ Pinot Noir is made from organic fruit from up at the Wrekin Vineyard. It’s a beautiful place of happy vines and happy people."