International Women's Day Tasting with Jules Taylor Wines

Mon, 8th March 2021

8th March was International Women’s Day, and for the wine industry this means a host of events to celebrate kick-ass women winemakers. Flatteringly, Jules is often invited to participate.

This year, along with tastings in the UK, Canada, Australia and here in NZ, she was asked to be a part of an amazing tasting organised by US wine retailer

Alongside Jules, inspirational female winemakers, Laura Catena (Argentina) and Stephanie Putnam (Napa), led by Gwendolyn Osborn shared their experiences. Each has over two decades' experience in the industry, and they discussed the challenges and support available to them when they first set out on their winemaking careers, and how those changed over time.

Jules said “Getting that first job was the toughest one, and I think I eventually got it because I just begged…"

They also offered advice to young people thinking about entering the industry today: “I was really fortunate to be given the opportunity and had a lot of male friends that were super supportive and when the chips were down and I was crying saying ‘I can’t do this anymore it’s just too tough’, they were saying ‘no, you’ve got to believe in yourself and just get on with it’.”

Jules Taylor reflected in computer screen showing speakers in women winemakers virtual tasting

Each winemaker also tasted one of their wines - Jules tasted her 2019 Jules Taylor Marlborough Pinot Noir. 

For our American friends you can still buy the tasting pack from, and watch along with the video below.

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