With a short vintage in 2021 and scarce Marlborough supply the pressure has been on for 2022. We have good news to report as we come to a close for vintage 2022. Here’s what we have seen in the vineyard:

1. We’re back to normal harvest levels!
Much to the relief of growers and drinkers alike, harvest levels are back to normal and your favorite Marlborough wines will be back in stock in 2022.

2. A cool start:
The harvest is about two weeks later than last year – closer to long term “normal” timing.

3. The sun is shining:
After a little splash of rain at the beginning of harvest, in true Marlborough style the sun came out and the weather has been beaut since then, so we’ve been full steam ahead tasting berries and picking beautiful fruit. We were lucky to avoid the heavy rain that hit the North Island of NZ this year.

4. Covid has not made things easy.
Covid outbreaks peaked in New Zealand, just in time for harvest. Wineries are low on manpower due to infections and isolation requirements.

5. Our first pick?
The honors go to hand-harvested Pinot Gris from the Meadowbank Vineyard on March 16. This beautifully elevated site in the foothills of the Taylor Pass in Southern Valleys is relatively warm and makes for lovely Pinot Gris, clean and full of flavor.

6. The first Sauvignon Blanc?
Sauvignon Blanc from Meadowbank a week later on March 23. Jules reports that she has “a tummy ache from eating so many delicious SB berries!”

7. Chardonnay is ripe and ready:
Clone 95 and 548 Chardonnay came in on March 22 from the same site.

 8. OTQ will not disappoint!
Handpicked Sauvignon Blanc from the Altimarloch Vineyard in the Awatere Valley sub-region of Marlborough is destined for OTQ this year. This is a new block for OTQ and Jules is really excited about the flavours from this beautiful site!

9. Late Harvest is on:
Drumroll, please. Jules has set aside a section of the home block to make Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc. If successful, this will be the first year since 2018 that we have made this lush little sweet wine.

10. What does the Queen say?
“We were stoked to bring the last fruit in on Saturday night, 9th April. Flavours from all the spectrums of Sauvignon Blanc are on display this year: Beautiful citrus and stonefruit characters from the Southern Valleys and the longer ripening season in the Awatere Valley has really seen that subregion shine. Cheers to our hardworking crew!