New Year's Resolutions 2022: Mental Wellness

It's been a tough year. In 2022 we are continuing to focus on work life balance.

Mental wellness and work life balance are very important to Jules and George. 

It is why they launched Jules Taylor Wines in the first place: When Jules' son Louis asked why she never picked him up from kindergarten, it was a pivotal moment in deciding to leave her day job and go "all in" on her own brand.

Jules and George live by their values and in 2020, they introduced a four day work week for their small team. As Jules says "this is part of us trying to get some more balance into everyone's lives"... "Completing personal admin during the week means weekends can be dedicated to family. Or a round of golf can be had guilt-free."

Jules with visitor Aaron Burch, walking the Wither Hills after a session tasting Jules' wines!

Throughout 2022, Jules has been regularly checking in with her mates in the hospitality trade to see how they are holding up. There is no denying it has been a tough year for all.

So we were interested and honoured to be mentioned in this podcast: "Battling Burnout While Working in Wine"  produced by The Four Top out of Seattle. It is a really interesting look at the pressures of working in hospitality. It's a great listen and we'd thoroughly recommend it to any of our mates in the trade.

Thanks to The Four Top for allowing us to share this content.

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