Are Jules Taylor Wines Vegan Friendly?

Mon, 22nd March 2021

What is a Vegan-Friendly wine anyway? Aren't wines made from grapes?

Well, it may come as a surprise to find that not all wines are Vegan-Friendly. This is because certain animal-derived products (such as skim milk, or egg whites) are used to help clarify or "fine" the wines. These products settle to the bottom of the wine tank and are filtered out, so in theory are not present in the bottle of wine that you buy, but they do mean that that particular wine is not suitable for Vegans.

You will be pleased to hear that all Jules Taylor white wines and rosé wines are Vegan friendly.

Jules currently uses an "egg white fining" to make her Pinot Noir red wines taste smoother and more polished. There is currently no vegan-friendly alternative that meets Jules' exacting standards. However she is continuing to look at options and we will let you know if and when she comes up with a vegan-friendly option she is satisfied with! 

Check on the back.

All our vegan friendly wines carry a vegan-friendly logo on the back label.

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