Jules lists her top 10 dishes to try with her flavour-packed 2020 Jules Taylor Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc!

We posted about this a few years ago, but since then Jules has been eating less meat, and of course experimenting with new flavours. Sauvignon Blanc is such a great wine to enjoy with food because it partners well with so many fresh, delicious and healthy ingredients.

Here's Jules updated list of her ten favourite dishes to pair with a glass or two of JT Sauvignon Blanc!

  1. Chelsea Winter’s Plant-based Pad Thai (page 50/51 in her Supergood book - I got this for Christmas and am LOVING these recipes!….so frigging tasty.)
  2. Roast Salmon glazed with Pomegranate molasses, roasty potatoes and goats cheese on a green salad with herby mayo.
  3. Prawn and zucchini skewers with coriander pesto and grilled on the bbq.
  4. A simple salad of tomatoes tossed with balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs.
  5. Crispy skinned snapper with a fresh salad of spring greens.
  6. Cauliflower rice “risotto” with sage, lemon and pesto.
  7. Casual corn chips with guac and salsa - perfect for watching the superbowl with son Louis - a family tradition!
  8. Oven baked groper fillets alongside green beans, new potatoes and salsa verde.
  9. Lightly seared asparagus rolled in prosciutto.
  10. Vietnamese poached chicken in coconut milk with heaps of ginger, coriander and mint, served wtih rice noodles.

So why not grab yourself a bottle, gather the troops, cook up a storm and enjoy...

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