Valentines or Galentines?

With February 14th looming in the calendar, Jules talks about her plans.
"We're hopelessly unromantic!" laughs Jules.

Valentines Day is coming up. What is your idea of a great Valentine’s Date?

Jules:  Oh I don’t know… My husband George and I are so hopelessly unromantic! ☹ We would probably have lots of yummy snacks and call it a meal: cheeses, chaucuterie, olives (THE BIG FAT GREEN ONES), baguette, roast red capsicum dip – and a bottle of wine… We get to drink my own wines all year round so maybe I’d change it up with a bottle of Champagne? My go-to is Pol Roger!  

OK, maybe you’re more of a “Galentines” girl then? How would you spend your ideal night out with the girls?

Jules:  We’d probably go out so no one has to cook and clean up. For me it is more about the company and the conversation than fancy menus or complicated dishes. My regular local haunt is a bar called Scotch. Ideally we’d be eating their wicked fried chicken (Please put it back on the menu Jacob!)… along with a few glasses of Chardonnay or some gins and negronis! 

Glass of wine with charcuterie in foreground.