Celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day with us!

Today's our favourite day! 

The first Friday in May is officially #SauvBlancDay - The day when we sing the praises of all things #SauvBlanc, and celebrate the flavours, the fun, the food pairings...

Aside from celebrating herself with a glass or two of Savvy, Jules has been in hot demand to chat about her favourite grape. Earlier this week she met up with Lauren Mowrey, travel editor of Wine Enthusiast.

With New Zealand’s borders opening to overseas visitors once more (can I get a “Hells, Yeah!”?), Jules and Lauren discussed their love of travel (Jules mentioned “it’s been a pretty long two years stuck on a rock at the bottom of the Pacific”) and where to try Jules Taylor Wines when visiting Marlborough (unfortunately we don’t have a tasting room but Jules Taylor wines are easily found at most of the local bars and restaurants). They also spent a bit of time chatting about Jules' Pinot Noir as well (I know, I know, but it's still a great wine, right?!) and encouraged people to broaden out past the more well known Central Otago styles.

On #sauvblancday itself, Jules chatted with self-confessed “SauvBlanc fangirl” Ashley Lewis who made quite the “splash” earlier in the week with her reel about Jules Taylor Sauvignon (check out our IG feed if you haven’t already seen it – you’ll see what we mean!). Ashley asked Jules about how she started out in the wine industry, and about some of the struggles she had overcome. Jules said there had been plenty! But that it was worthwhile if you are in an industry and a job that you love. 

In other news it has been great to see the Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc 2021 featured in the press. chose the JT Sauvignon Blanc 2021 as its “Best New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc” and suggested you “keep a bottle in your fridge at all times”!

We were also excited to be featured in the fabulous “The Zoe Report” in an article on shopping for wine by your Zodiac sign. The Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc was recommended as perfect for Aquarians to “complement their independent nature and that stimulate their desire to learn new things and discover exciting places.” (but we're also pretty sure that other signs of the zodiac will love it too! 😂)

So make sure you celebrate #SauvBlancDay right, with a glass of the finest from the Queen of Sauvignon!